What if you wrote a 6-page stream-of-consciousness journal about your toxic relationship, sang it from your gut, then released the freestyle melody for the world?

2nd Single Release by Rae Larz

This is what Brooklyn-based Rae Larz did, beginning on a Tuesday night in October 2022. This queer artist writes, produces, and engineers all of her own music. She embodies deep emotional expression & has been described as "[giving] Bjork a run for her Avant-Garde money". Her interest in higher dimensions lifts her synth-pad melodies, smooth bass, and funky drum beats into another realm.

Born in Texas and homeschooled until high school, Rae was allowed the opportunity to explore and create from a young age. Songs, dances, plays, and later films and music videos (when she bought her first camera from babysitting money at 13) fueled freedom into her days.

Upon graduation from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2017, she took her love for music into Garage Band. Her first original sounds produced in 2017 were featured in the feature documentary "All There Is" (directed and shot by Rae herself) which won "Best Director of a Feature Documentary" at the NICE International Film Fest in Nice, France 2018. Now having expanded into Logic Pro (since 2020), she's taken her love of producing and creating music to the next level. She's more ready than ever to uplift and enliven the population with her high-vibe sonic landscapes.

The music video is directed by NYC-Based Adam Ninyo, who also shot and directed her first video for "Tea in the Stratosphere". The Director of Photography on this project is NYC-Based Cinematographer Jon Waldman, with Colter Harris joining the crew as Gaffer. Adam's one-take concept fits the mood of this electronica song to a tee.

*NOW AVAILABLE TO STREAM on all digital platforms. Official music video available solely on YouTube.

Instagram: @raelarz
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