DEBUT SINGLE from Rae Larz     "Tea in the Stratosphere"


The Mad Hatter's tea party... but in 5D and on Mars.

Brooklyn-based Rae Larz embodies Fiona Apple experimental sounds & snow white vibrato with a velvety pop-rock vocal. Her interest in higher dimensions lifts her synth-pad melodies, smooth bass, and funky drum beats into another realm.

Rae Larz wrote, performed, produced, and engineered the track (as well as all of her music). She's featured alongside Rae Khalil (of Rhythm and Flow on Netflix) in the LGBTQ+ short film NEW AGE coming to festivals this year.

Born and raised in Texas, Rae followed her passions for music, acting, and film from a young age- conceptualizing and bringing to life her own songs, choreography, plays, and films (thanks to the money she saved up from babysitting to buy her first camera at 13). At 18, she moved to NYC to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since then, her explorations and travels in various creative pursuits (including yoga training in Bali) lead her to finally focus on and release the music she's been working on (mostly in the shadows), for years now. The time is now. And she's more ready than ever to uplift and enliven the population with her high-vibe sonic landscapes.

*NOW AVAILABLE TO STREAM on all digital platforms. Official music video available solely on YouTube.

Instagram: @raelarz
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