LIL MISS SABOTAGE - 3rd Single Release!




It's shocking when someone close to you flips on you like a light switch. You can still hold compassion for this person and take care of your needs simultaneously. Those at a low frequency will try to drag you into their space of drama & ego. You can see the games clearly after you still spread love while they dig deeper into the dirt; using every tactic at their disposal to hurt you. This is when you know you must remove yourself.

The hardest part may be staying true to yourself during their attempt at war, but if one thing is certain.. the work you've done on yourself that KNOWS WHO YOU ARE cannot be tainted by their perception. Your actions & energy speaks for itself πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Water gun = your fruitless attempt to put me down.

LIL MISS SABOTAGE originated from a very real-life scenario - the experience allowed this song to effortlessly flow out of Rae and into manifestation. Transmuting a negative situation into sonic healing. She felt it very important to paint a TRUE picture of what occurred - for her own healing, and any others healing who have been blindsided by a toxic, drama-fueled person's misplaced blame. This song is for you: to vibe, to heal, to DANCE to… and reclaim your truth.

Born in Texas – and nurtured in Brooklyn, NY – this now Dallas-based queer artist writes, produces, and engineers all of her own music. She embodies deep emotional expression & has been described as "[giving] Bjork a run for her Avant-Garde money". Her interest in higher dimensions lifts her synth-pad melodies, smooth bass, and funky drum beats into another realm.

*AVAILABLE TO STREAM on all digital platforms on FRI, JUNE 23, 2023

Instagram: @raelarz
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