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Brooklyn-nurtured Rae Larz writes, produces, mixes, and masters all of her own music. She embodies deep emotional expression & snow white vibrato with a velvety pop-rock vocal. Her interest in higher dimensions lifts her synth-pad melodies, smooth bass, and funky drum beats into another realm.

Born in Texas and homeschooled until high school, Rae was allowed the opportunity to explore and create from a young age. Songs, dances, plays, and later films and music videos (when she bought her first camera from babysitting money at 13) fueled freedom into her days. At 18, she took the metaphorical bus ticket to the bright lights of New York City (technically a highly-charged excited-anxious flight) to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and graduated in 2017 with a degree in Acting for TV, Film, & Theatre.

 Upon graduation, she took her love for music into Garage Band. Her first original sounds produced in 2017 were featured in the feature documentary "All There Is" (directed and shot by Rae herself) which won "Best Director of a Feature Documentary" at the NICE International Film Fest in Nice, France 2018. Due to following her heart, and not necessarily towards the "typical path", Rae took some film and art classes at UTA before trekking to Bali, Indonesia in 2019 for 200 HR RYT Yoga Training with Jai Wellness.

 This same year also brought some cool opportunities, including being chosen by Natasha Lyonne to be featured in Season 1, Episode 6 of High Fidelity on Hulu (getting to act with the iconic Zoe Kravitz.)

 2020 lead her to move to Palm Springs, alone- a monk by a mountain, now equipped with Logic Pro X and more fervor than ever to translate feeling into sound. This transformation lead her to discover her main passions and priorities: her people, and her music. She reached out to her acting school roomie, and incredible actor and writer, Sophie Max- and New Age begun. LGBTQ+ short film co-directed by Rae and Sophie, and produced by Rae, Sophie, and Marisa Cole. Heading to festivals this year (2023). It features Rae Larz's original music as well as Rae Khalil (of Rhythm and Flow on Netflix).

She's now released 4 singles... with much more in the vault to come. Including an upcoming EP - stay tuned. She is so excited to finally share her perspective on inter-dimensional sound... and raise the vibration on earth.

Instagram: @raelarz
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